Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Hey! It's a new year! Well I do hope you all had a great 2007, and will have wonderful 2008's! I also hope you all have survived the holiday shuffle..... I know, new year's day is kind of an ear mark for that.... if we made it to new years, we survived '07. Then we look ahead to see if 2008 is looking bright! I think it is. Along with all that comes the New Years Resolution. I don't make any. I figure if I want to change something through the year, I will make the resolution when I figure out what I want to change. That way I don't get all tied up in the craziness of exercising like a crazy person for a month then falling of the bandwagon exhausted, then wondering what went wrong. Small changes, slow through the year... like the turtle in the race.

Ah well. That's it for me right now. I am working on a pair of thrummed mittens for my FIL. I need to do some cleaning and de-stashing... and all that good stuff. I think I need to do a whack of sewing(that would get my fabric stash down to manageable). We shall see......

Happy New Year!!!

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