Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My girl was certainly excited to go to dance today! She had all her stuff gathered up to come off the bus! When she got in the house I reminded her what night it was and she went and stripped down to put her dance outfit on!! Put it on, ready to go at 4:30. Class starts at 5:15. So, 10 min drive to class, leaves 35 min!! So got the mail and drove very sloooow to class.  

She loves it! I wondered of she would like it at all... Being she is a mover and a shaker... And it's Ballet/jazz, which I was concerned she would find boring! But she can't wait for next class!! Yay!

More hats! Delivered the bottom one to the recipient this afternoon. The top 2 I am working on. Have fallen in love with the colour way. Kind of bubble gum/cotton candy, pinks, blues and purples! 
Anyway, talk to you all later.

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