Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big, it's big... Big day, big week....

We had our first gymnastic class if the season yesterday. I think it went well. Miss G did most of what she was supposed to. She wavered a bit at the end of class but I think she was just getting that tired by then.

Miss G is the one in the middle with her nose on the floor and the straight legs.

This was me and Bootsy this morning. He was missing missy G and wanting some loving.
Baked bread. Wanted 2 nice big loaves. Well, power went out right at the start of baking so they got extra rise time and are giants!! Delish, but Huge! One slice is the size of a luncheon plate(medium Corelle).
As you an see my buns came out large as well. Missy helped me mix the up, before she went off to bed.

Bitty bunny. Kinda homely, kinda cute.missy likes him and that's what matters. I made him in between bread baking and stuff. 

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Emily said...

I coming over for that bread.....I wish!