Thursday, September 05, 2013

What???? a whole summer no posts??? OH MY!!!

Ok, Miss Em, emailed me today to ask where I went... haha as in, am I still bloggy. Well, OF COURSE! Summer just kinda.. flew... And I do mean FLEW! June with swim lessons was lovely nice. July the weather was crap. I say crap because it was cold and rainy and YUCK. August came along and brought sweltering heat. On my side of it. I put Missy in her swim lessons in June so, she could do her summer program in the city, two morning a week all summer. OMG, I got tired of driving. And I was sharing the driving. But, the kids were in the car longer than they were in the program. Oh well. 2 hours free of kiddle to get grocery shopping done.. Awesome, knowing shewas learning something while she was there.. even better!!! We car pooled with another family which cut back some of the driving but still.. wore me out. Miss G seemed all good with it though, and very much enjoyed whatever it was they did in those 2 hours.
Mid July took Miss G to have her eyes checked. She needed glasses. OH and VISION PROBLEMS CAN CAUSE BORDERLINE HYPERACTIVITY!!! Really? REALLY!! Got the glasses begining of August, what a difference in a matter of days!!!
Isn't she cute?

Anyways, on the last day we decided to hit the beach after the wind up party. Didn't make it. Had some A$$ fly by on the gravel on the way to the beach with a boat and trailer on toss up a stone and shatter my driver side middle passenger window!!!! Never ever seen that before. Scared us, scared the kids. Thank our lucky stars nobody was hurt. $250. later it was fixed by a company that actually called when the window didn't come in, and then again when it did!! Awesome service. Wouldn't have minded missing the expense though.
The glass didn't fall out until we opened the door, but had a not yet 1 year old in that seat.. could have been much worse.
And now, We have a kitten. Miss G has been sleeping in her own bed!!! YAY!! and we got this sweet little boy!

 Back to school. Miss G's first 1/2 day of kindergarten.
 Tomorrow is her first full day. Yes, she goes 1/2 days on the one day and full on the other until we put her up to full time.. meaning full days both sets of days. I think that day will come sooner than we expected as today, the first day, she left crying. 1. because they missed Pete the Cat. 2. Because she wanted to stay with her friends. She is excited about tomorrow as she will see some of her other friends. And we shall see how she makes out with a full day.

And that is about it. I got miss g registered for gymnastics again.. my little gymnast. She has a chin up bar to play on and a mat and beam. She likes to fiddle on the bar the most. I did look into dance because she wants to tap sooooo bad. But, finance and time are the issues holding that back. I think we are going to have one tired little 4 year old going to school every day full days.. but I am optimistic that she will prove me wrong! LOL

And there you have it in a nutshell!

Hopefully post again soon, before fall is over! Ha! LOL :D

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Emily said...

Ha ha love that this was just for me LOL. This is the first year that our district is offering all day kindergarten. I was not thrilled at first but Marla loves it and is doing great and actually goes to bed at a descent time now. She was never much of a sleeper. Good to be caught up!