Thursday, September 12, 2013

Neck Warmers!

Yes! I have actually been knitting!!! I made 2 neck warmers. I have a cowl finished(sorry no pic yet) that I crocheted in a Crochet Along and I have another Knit Along cowl on the needles!!! I have an afghan started for a wedding gift. I need to make a pair of mitten's to match the bottom neck warmer. Busy needles! LOL Inspired to get something done though.. I do also want to do some sewing.. but will see when I can get to that!!!

Missy G is enjoying school. She was pretty tired this morning but, still made it on the bus in time! LOL Tonight we have her asleep before 9 so tomorrow should be a better day! Though tired is understood.. we are tired too(Daddy and I).

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