Thursday, November 14, 2013

Almost 2 months....

Oh my I have been neglecting you. Sorry bout that. Sometimes though I get to feeling like I Am talking to myself. Now this morning I got this email from feedspot saying I have new followers there. Well if your here, and it's not a scam comment and let me know your around. 
Anyways enough o that crap. On to the good stuff! 
Gwyn tried dance. But for whatever reason she didn't DO dance so I have pulled her out. It may be that it was just too much in the box for my outta the box girl. My girl will be 5 on Saturday! Oh my!! We are having a gymnastic birthday and I sure hope it goes over well and everyone haas fun!

On to crafting... Pics galore!
Touch of fun :)
Boot cuffs.
Happy Halloween! We have a rainbow dash, my little pony!
Gotta keep my girl warm. Hat and neck warmer!
Remade mittens :) 1st pair were way small... But found a home! These should do it!
Many minions made....
Never again knit throw, was to be an afghan... So much for that... Back to square one was where I was... But got it figured!!!
Princess anyone? Love this simple little crown, pattern by Ira Rott. Easy to follow and beautiful product.

And there soon will be more... I made many fingerless minions and 2 hats. But figured if you seen one set, there are minor uniquenesses to the pairs so u get the idea! Anyways, shout if you are reading.... So I know I'm not writing for one set o eyes.  That set knows who she is... I think! Lol 
Will post again soon!!! Ttfn

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Val said...

Hi, so long since I've visited anyone's blog. Thanks for your comment on my socks. I love the little crown and all the hays with braids and Mohawks too. Happy new year!