Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dancing off to school!

This little kitty, misses Gwyn. Lol he lays behind the door when I go out with Gwyn to get her on the bus. Then on Friday he raced to the window and watched out like he was watching the bus drive away!!
Missy wants to tap. No tap available. But,   A jazz/ballet split is. Mr. J says show her video of that dance and see if she wants to learn that. So, I did. OMG yes, she wants to learn that dance!!! I guess time will tell but she was super excited to go get shoes, tights and a suit. So excited, that when we got home she HAD to put it on. Less the tights for obvious snagging reasons!! But wow, she is excited! 

Gymnastics starts Tuesday!!! YAY! And dance on Wednesday. Going to be a crazy week!!  

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