Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Loving it.(sorry for the repeat)

This is a quick little knit I whipped up. Should have been some mittens, that I was asked to make but, I wasn't feeling mitteny. So here is the neat hat I whipped up. Love the black light colour way(colourful part). 

Anyways, I put the blogger app on my phone.... Which is what I am loving! Done sitting at the computer, no problem. Type up the post on the phone while lounging out. Hopefully you will see more posts now!! Miss Em! Lol this is very handy.... Since I have been doing a lot of picture taking with my phone on the fly, it's handy for uploading pictures too. 

This pathetic little putty tat, slept most of the day away on Missy's bed. Sad and missing her is my best guess. I moved her books from one side of the room to the other, via the bed, and he was chewing books and biting me for tying up his sleeping spot! Or changing the room... Not sure which.
This one was the other day. I went out to wait for the bus with Gwyn. On the way in, pushed his butt with the door to get in. He was laying against the door. Then when I was in he ran and looked out the window. Like he was watching the bus drive away with little miss. Poor kitty.

He did meet Thump the dwarf bunny today. No blood shed but they had quite the game of tag back and forth. One chase the other then switch and go the other way. Was interesting to watch.

Little miss wants to tap. Sadly, 
Not enough local interest this year for it. So, I asked missy and showed her videos of ballet and jazz classes, expecting she would say "too boring". But she said "me, I want to dance!" So, ballet/jazz it is!! Very excited to start! I hope she is not disappointed!!! We went got her a suit and tights and shoes and she had to put them on(less the tights) at home!! Try them out!!! So very excited!!

She will still do gym, then the next night dance! At least dance isn't too much travel! Will have to nab her off the bus, change and run to make it on time though!! Oh well, will do what we can!

If you've made it this far, thank you, for reading :) ttyl

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