Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, we had some adventures... Thursday, we went off to Yorkton. Auntie W., Baby G and I. We did a bunch of shopping... Groceries mostly. I got a haircut. Baby G seemed to think she was hungry at every stop!! We did manage to get everything we went for... and more. I got my very first, ever in my life, speeding ticket(on the way into town). That van likes to fly! I sure am glad that it has cruise control and I will be putting it to good use!!! I do really like the van for loading Baby G. in and out of. For groceries and all!! Very nice! We had to drive home in the snow... it was snowing lightly when we got to hmmm Canora.. then when we got closer to Buchannan it got worse... then I was glad that there was someone making a track in front of me... then it got worse the closer we got to home.. but we made it safe and sound!

Friday, we got our new high efficiency furnace. It was a beautiful day! The house, only dropped to 18 Celsius. Not bad at all... We hung out in the bedroom(Auntie W., Baby G and I it was warmer). so, we didn't have to haul Baby G off anywhere. Which was nice.

Today, was a good stay at home and bum around day. Did a whole lot of nothing. Even Baby G slept most the day! Been that kinda day! Was sunny and the temp was warm out.. but the wind was wicked nasty!!!

So, that is about all that has been going on.

P.S. Any of you wondering about her crocheted angel wing vest(pinafore). I did not make it. I had a wonderful friend from one of the groups I am in send that one and another which I keep meaning to take pics of. Along with some really cute boots and mittens. Thank you again Pauly!

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