Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Baby Gwyn's room.... Finally stickered up!!!

Well, I think my girl grows overnight! I put her in a sleeper yesterday that I swear she wore only a few short days before and it was tight... the snaps were pulling... into the too small bin with that one! The good thing, she fits auntie T's pants. Just, just and may only get a wearing or two more out of them. They are supper cute though, don't you think?Auntie W and I got busy yesterday. We traded my girl off and on and managed to get the stick ups, up in her room. It sure brightened it up and made it more her space.

Yes, it is very Winnie the Pooh. But she will laugh and giggle when you point out Tigger on her mobile on the crib there.. she also giggles at Pooh.. and mom always seems to be changing her diaper when Eoyore comes around.. so she enjoys him... but not the same giggly reaction as
Tigger. I think the Tigger comes from him being beautiful bright orange.. and Grandma K really loves him too.... I am sure they will have fun playing with Tiggers together...
Her room looks really good... At least we like it.
And that is our excitement for yesterday... today... is a slow day.. not much going on. I did however yesterday manage to get a few more rows on my toddler socks... I can't wait until they are done! Will be neat to see how they turn out.. and you all are probably dieing for some knitting content... LOL
Talk to you later,


Grandma said...

Love her room! Especially the Tiggers and Eeyores!

Auntie Tammy said...

Love how you made the border differnt heights , after each picture ...LOVE IT :) can't wait to see it in person ....

Jennifer said...

Who wouldn't love Pooh! What a little cutie you have there. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope to keep it updated and interesting. Time will tell as I try to keep up my spirits while I try to find a job.

Eva said...

the room is beautiful!
pooh is my favourite and my children love him,too. such cute and peaceful stories and illustrations, a great choice for your baby's room.

now i feel inspired to do something like you have, my kids' room is a mess!