Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, monday, on tuesday?

Hey all,
Yesterday.. I had a list of phone calls I was to make.. as it turned out.. I got very busy very quick. We took the new van to the farm, and delivered some baking supplies and some parts for the backhoe. We continued on(later than expected but all good) to Preeceville to visit Auntie T, Uncle R and Cousins J and T. Had a good visit and were heading back sometime after 6:30. Needless to say no phone calls were made yesterday. They hopefully will be made today. I do hope to make a run to Wadena.. I have a few things I need to do. One of them is to load up the recycle bottles and drop them at Sarcan. Then a bit of this and that.
So, I guess.. I should run and make some phone calls.... It is hard to believe it is almost 9 as it's cloudy and a bit dark yet. But it is... and off I run.
Catch you later!

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