Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things we learn as we go.....

Hi all,

This last bit has really been about what you learn as you go. Things like, you don't know what tired is until you have a newborn at home, by yourselves. Like "you may be one person in the world, but you are the world to one person" you don't know how true(and overwhelming) it is until you have a little bundle in your arms and their well being depends on what you do. Things like, if the car just fit the 2 of you and your luggage well, what makes you think it will fit 3 of you... or even 4? Yes, I have been thinking about things... this that and the other... we have changed a few things... see bellow.

Our little angel is growing sooo much! She is such a beautiful girl. And smart.. and I think she will talk early.. she is already trying.. and she is only 2 months old! So alert! I love playing with her when she is smiling and giggling now! I had to take her for her first immunizations... ouch... she cried.. my eyes burnt but I didn't cry. Grandma in the waiting room had tears in her eyes when we got back. Gwyn was a trooper though. Only cried for a minute or two. Then I fed her, and she was good. She did fuss a little later in the day when her Tylenol wore off.. but one more dose and she was good to go! She is a tough, strong one. At least I think so. And if I told you she had ultrasound on her hips? They look fine. It all looks good. :) Better safe than sorry!My happy happy girl!! Full of smiles and giggles and little chatter!!!I am now officially a Minivan Mom. Yes, we had to trade the Vibe. It just wasn't cutting the mustard. We couldn't take baby and get a good load of groceries. That kinda thing just doesn't work. I couldn't take the playpen to the city.. no room to put it and the suitcases. So, we had to take the burn and get us a better family vehicle.. especially if we are going to have a couple more kids!!! Better late than never... but.. wish I would have given in to begin with.. though we would not have known to get the extended van, not the regular van, as the regular van had 6 inches behind the seat and was more to insure. Where the extended van costs a wee bit more off the hop but cheaper to insure and will have room for a growing family. We burn from the Vibe.. but better now I guess. We should be set now. I am going to drive it until the wheels fall off... and lets hope that is after years and years of driving!!!!
So, I will be out cruising sometime... LOL wanna come along?


Jane said...

She is adorable! And congratulations on your mini-van. When my DH and I were first married (44 years ago!) we had a little 2 seater sports car - and yes, we found out how quickly a baby can change your lives!

Val said...

Wow baby is growning so fast! Did you crochet the little jacket? She looks like a little angel with wings! And the quilt in the background is gorgeous.
With all the time you spend with her, she most likely will talk early. Hope your're getting caught up on sleep.