Thursday, October 25, 2007

Picture of the Mitten's as Promised

Ok, so here above are the finished mitten's. The Fawn colour seems to be a bit washed out in the photo, but is beautiful when you see it in person. Below is the Scarf. Yes the pain staking scarf is underway! LOL It is a skinny scarf though, so it is going to be a very long project I am afraid! And yes I am afraid of it too!!! But, So far I am winning! I love how the rib looks with the colours and how the scarf is coming along... so I am soooo winning this one!!! In fact, I cast it on last night and think I have more than 12 inches done already! (do not tell me at this point that I have at least 5 feet to go, I know, but I am currently reveling in the fact I have made it more than a foot without throwing it!)
I also, have been trying to de-junk. Yes, I said trying. I want to make room for the stuff I want around by getting rid of the stuff I don't. And Let me tell you now, it is very much easier said than done!!! But, I have progress. My yarn, in the Rubbermaid's, is in the room. Yes in the room, My room. LOL I made them work in there. I will show you pictures later, not now as it looks like a hurricane went through there..... less the water of course! And I just think pictures now would scare people. I have Christmas gifts cut out and stacked. I have a stack of affieghan squares that I was supposed to make an affie with... stacked... not sewn into an affie yet. I really should do that.... but, I don't feel like it. I rather sew, or knit. Go figure huH? ROTFL Craziness. ah well. If I don't get rid of them, I shall find a way to use them. *sighs* I guess I have a stack of crap to go out Full Circle/Freecycle way too. I have listed it, just haven't had anyone want it yet. Patience. I know. But, If I were in Regina this weekend, or going to be, I would load it up and take it to their Free for all. Which I believe is Saturday. Ah well, try to get rid of it on mine, if not I shall haul it all to Regina and pass it through my mom's group. Yes I love the Full Circle/Freecycle group. A great way to get rid of the crap that clutters your home and pass it along to someone whom might actually find it useful. Great stuff. Anyways... I have rambled one far long enough... specially since I was just going to post those pics... I hope you enjoyed them!

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Looking good!