Saturday, October 13, 2007

Isn't the colour pretty?

Well, here is part of a Christmas package. All done up. It's a neck warmer. I made it with the Briggs and Little, Anniversary Twist Wool. I love how the colours worked up.
I would almost call it pretty, In Fact. It is pretty. LOL But don't tell the guy I made it for that! LOL
Now, I am definitely debating a sweater out of this lovely colour for me. I thought before just because I had a whack of it, that I might make a sweater. But this would look awesome with jeans!!! Yes, fabulous. So, we shall see after the holiday crafting what happens.

What did I cast on next? A hat. Black, I am thinking with cream, fawn and a bright blue or navy blue. I have yet to decide. But it is cast on and on its way..... pics maybe when it's done.
This gift season makes it hard to post what I am working on.... Crazy... oh well.... hopefully I show enough to keep you all interested and not enough that everyone knows what they are getting!!
Here's hoping anyways!

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