Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fat Quarter Swap

Yes, I entered in a fat quarter swap. I know I am not much on quilting. But, I thought the quarters would be fun for little projects too... Like tissue holders and such... If I get to making some. :) Which I would like to! So this is a picture of the winter themed fabric I am sending to my partners... Hopefully they aren't peeking here!!! Mind you the colour is a lot richer than it appears here. This looks very washed out but the fabric is a beautiful, rich, neutral pattern. I really really liked it... and paid probably a bit more at the quilting shoppe than I would have if I would have went to Fabricland... but sometimes for something wonderful you have to go to that little place, and pay a wee bit more. I love it though and hope the gals do too!!!

As far as my sock, its still in progress. I have figured out that if I put the ball of wool between my legs and run the strands one to each side they don't get all twisted up... not such a bad idea, but would be too much trouble to make the whole socks that way. So next time, two balls of yarn. :) (Deb thank you for the comment on the sockies).

As far as work, well rained yesterday. Cold and dreary, holding out for some warmer weather tomorrow, and maybe let the muddy yard we are in dry a little.

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