Saturday, October 06, 2007

Just because you can....

Doesn't always mean you should!!! See how beautiful these sockies are coming? I am impressed. Couple more rounds of the legs and they will be done!! Hooray!!! Then, onto...

I don't know... Yet.

Also, note the tangle not too far from the socks? well..... This is where the just because you can knit a pair from one ball, doesn't mean you should knit them at the same time from the same ball. This is not, knots, it is twists... yes twists. The yarn as I knit the socks twists up.
Now, by taking the ball and spinning it around I can untwist the yarn. Though I have done a lot of that through the process of these socks. I do believe if I had used 2 balls, I could have kept them separated better and would not have spent so much time untwisting the ball! So, note to self and all others... if knitting a pair of sockies magic loopy style, it may be easier to use 2 balls to keep the yarn separated, rather than one ball and have to play with it to get it untangled every few rounds.

Other than that, Today is icky cold and wet. So we are at home. No fun playing in the rain and cold. Rain when its warm is one thing, cold when its dry is one thing, but when your cold and wet..... it's all bad. So we are home, warm and dry!


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Deb said...

Been there, done that... twisted beyond belief. Just another lesson from the school of hard knocks. I knit with 2 balls of yarn now cuz it's just soooo much easier and nothing gets twisted.

The socks look great!