Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Bat Pants

These are the pants that hubby picked the fabric for. They are a super cool print . . . I never guessed he would pick something like these but he did. They look awesome! They fit him really nice too! :) course that's my work .. . LOL. So this was tonight's work, along with the serging of all the fabrics I bought in the city the last 3 er so trips, the washing of said fabric(not all of it, I bought for Christmas this year!). I cast on a sock and got a few rounds on the cuff. I think that is all I did, except cut out and sew these pants and chat online and check emails. LOL nobody was neglected! LOL least I hope not. Hubby was playin his game! LOL so he wasnt neglected!

Well catchya later I got stuff to do yet . . .