Saturday, February 10, 2007

T-shirt,Curtain and Crazy Christmas Cactus

You would think it is Christmas. That crazy Christmas Cactus has a bloom coming. Maybe it's just happy . ... then again maybe its trying to make me happy, or it heard I had started next years Christmas sewing(well not yet just done washing the fabric) and it figured it should get busy too? Ah well. So yesterday I made the shirt for my nephew(pic below).

And today I made the curtain to cover our personal crap in the bathroom. I know its not perfect but it currently does the trick, I need to put a rod in the bottom of it, at least so far that is the plan. I am going to make a curtain for the window too, just haven't got there yet .. .. LOL soon . .. maybe yet this afternoon . . .

Ah well, off an running catch ya's later.

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Lois said...

How did your Christmas cactus bud make out...did it open up?

I was turning one of mine on Saturday morning (the 17th) and found two red buds on it. I may take a pic and put it in my album on KWM or one of them anyway LOL