Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Home from the city, and look at the fun!

My Christmas Cactus has beautiful bloom on it! Looks like more blooms are coming! Very sweet! I know it is an orange blossom, not the traditional pink one. It is very beautiful though!

This was my deal of the day! This beautiful soft yarn! I paid $5.00 a bag, meaning a pound. It is beautiful soft and I got it at Walmart.

See the soft and fuzzy fibre's there?

And it is sooo pretty when I started to work it up! I couldn't wait to see what it would look like so here I am in the city with my sets of Double points(for non-knitters, shorter double ended needles intended for knitting in the round, like socks). So I took my point protectors that a gal gave me in a previous swap and stuck them one on each of two Double points, to give me two very short needles to play with. But I absolutely love it!

I had a good visit in the city. I didn't pick up my niece as expected but I did get to see both my sisters and my nephew's and got to spend some good time with my mom. So, It was all good.

Anyways, tired, and itching to get at that beautiful yarn again . . . I have some black socks on the needles but . . .they aren't as fun as this stuff right now! LOL

So talk to you later . . .

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Lois said...

I like your fuzzy yarn, Cindy. What do you have in mind for it?