Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Socks, Socks, Socks

Yeah, here be another pair of sockies! Nice Navy Acrylic socks. They are nice and soft and I hope they will be loved. . ..WAIT I know they will be loved. This is pair #2 for Dad's birthday package. :) Dad would wear neon green ones if I made them for him . . . LOL I only know this because I bought a beautiful red wool and am going to make socks for me with them and Dad said he would wear socks out of that. Then mom called him on it and said you don't like that color! Dad said he would wear the socks if I made them for him out of that color! LOL He isn't getting my red sock wool! LOL he might get heels and toes out of it . . . but not the red socks! LOL I know I know foolishness.. . but it is so fun to know that what I make is loved so much.

I made a sweater for my nephew, remember that one? The Gray Ragg, with red and grey trim? Well, the nephew liked it, his family loved it. Now I am caught in the debate, should I or should I not make one for his older brother? What do you think? Dad says yes, Hubby says maybe, mom says she isn't sure. I am going to ask his mom . ..maybe even ask him. Don't want him feeling left out because his brother got a home made sweater and he didn't. He isn't that kinda kid but still don't want to be the root of a feeling like that.. . so will have to do my searching out and find out! LOL

As for sewing . . well it got put on hold. We rearranged the living room. I like it better. Think we will have lots more natural light! HOORAY!! and it looks and feels less crowded. .. mind you we now have to find homes for certain things like the vacuum that has no closet and such but. It will happen. YOU know how it is? Well you do if you live in a tiny space and have too much stuff you can't part with because you use it all .. . or you have family and sentimental attachment to it. *sighs*

Well, its late, I am cold. So, goodnight!
Talk to you all soon!

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