Monday, February 26, 2007

Busy Busy

Well, today was one of them .. . you know, running before your completely awake and yet napping in the afternoon doesn't help? At the end of the day you feel like you accomplished nothing yet, some how you must have done something? I know it's weird and a weird thought but its how it feels.

Got up today, got ready. We went into Yorkton - James had an appointment at 10am, which means getting up and out of the house by 8:30. Now this isn't bad if your a morning person. And Previously I have been, just not lately(if lately qualifies for like the past couple years). Maybe its marriage and being able to be in bed snuggled up and setting our own work hours so if we sleep til 7:30 instead of being out to work by then, then its only us who has to work later to cover our asses . . . maybe work through coffee breaks which I think tend to be a waste in what we do anyways . . LOL. . so I have lost my morning person, though my body is trying desperately to find her. My body says when the alarm goes off at 7 am to get the heck up, sometimes I listen and other times I don't. When I do, sometimes i get something done, when I don't my body grumps and groans at me all day for staying in that bed too long . . maybe I am just feeling my age? Is that normal for 30? hmm I wonder.

Anyways we got up, ran off to Yorkton, had the appointment at 10am. Hit a couple stores for a couple things we needed. Got out of Yorkton by noonish. Got home around 2pm ish maybe later. We did stop in Canora for a couple peeks around .. . you know that I am out of the house we are passing through, lets take a peek. Ah well. we peeked and got home round then, grabbed the mail on the way past the post office. Watched some crap on TV, watched Oprah while knitting watched Dr.Phil while knitting . . . then laid down for a nap. Woke up to watch the Class. Had some supper James cooked. Then cuddled up and watched some Joan of Arcadia's season one. Now James is doing books, I wrote an email to my mom and a few others. Now I am sitting here. What a day. Feel like I did nothing. ooh wait I did dishes . .. and I emptied the dishwasher, which consists of washing things again (hard water or something). So I guess i accomplished something.

I have sewing to do though. I want to make a curtain for the bathroom(to cover the extra toilet paper and Kleenex and such). I want to recover the knitting basket(though am struggling with that as it was Great gram ma's knitting basket, an really needs recovered but is how granny always had it. . . so is hard to change it, though I think she would understand?). I want to sew a new purse. I need to knit a wig, yes knit a wig for a friend(costume type). I want to make a knitting bag so that I can take it rather than the giant basket on car trips. I have sewing I can start for next Christmas, lots of it. I have a quilt I am waiting for the remainder of the instructions for so I can sew it. and the list goes on and on and on .. . I have mom's(may) bday present to make . .. I am working on dad's yet (April). I have Wendy's to make(May, before mom's by a week). So I have lots to do . .. and am lacking the ambitions beyond the one thing I am working on mind you that is one of the above listed. and Dad's is almost done except the stuff on the needles . . .which will get done eventually.

Have I rambled on and bored you to death? I hope not. I did look at some yarn today in Zeller's they had the mill ends in .. .and had nothing good. It was disappointing. Even Walmart in Yorkton sucks for mill ends. ah well .. . use what I got right? RIGHT!!!

So, before we left this morn, we also had the great debate(because of the weather), if we should take the car or the truck to Yorkton. There was blowing snow, snow pack, icy patches, falling snow . .. we took the car. LOL the car, is more fuel efficient, if you hit the ditch its easier to push. Mind you the truck has 4 wheel drive . . . so if you hit the ditch, but the extra cost of the fuel hurts. So we took the car.

Oh well, now I think I must have bored you all to death? Have I? ah well. I am off and running .. . think I might do some knitting yet . ..

Catch you later,

BTW- the Nephew liked his t-shirt, the blue one.

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