Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday... mmm...

This is a couple pics from yesterday. My happy girl as we were going to go to town, spend a gosh forsaken amount of time there then go see Daddy at the farm!!! Daddy of course.. being the total highlight!

 We walked the mall. We had lunch in Zeller's(oh my, the waitress was great!! food was good. but glad Gwyn ate free!!!). We went for ice cream!! WE saw a train right up close!!! Everyone there on coffee row were sure it would scare Gwyn, but no tears.. and hollering toot toot after it and waving until I tucked her in the van...Gwyn did really well! I was impressed! Gwyn slept from Yorkton to Preeceville... then was awake to the farm. We had a good visit with Grandma. And of course we got to see Daddy. Daddy took her for her first tractor ride in the big 4 wheel drive! She loved it! Then we came home. And went to bed!! Long day! (we were out the door before 9am. and home at 10pm. Long enough day methinks!!)

Mommy needs yarn asked for pictures of out favorite knitting place. I don't know that I would call this a favorite. As I used to prefer my rocking chair, but with Gwyn around it is much easier and more practical to knit here at this desk. Notice there is a knitting bag to the left of the screen, and a knitting bag on the printer. LOL and a stack of patterns and misc. goods leaned against the printer. But, there it is.
So, might have to go back to town today.... bah... anyways... off and running.. catch ya later!

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