Friday, May 20, 2011

Days of travel....

Ok, from previous posts... you all know what this is.... 
 Well, lets just say we been putting on the miles. Well, maybe because I am Canadian I should really say.. putting on the kilometers. Miles sounds more correct though. I have been making lots of miles. and the last 2 days have been the most. But, I will get to that! LOL
So, this week, Monday-to the farm to pick up part. Tuesday-To Yorkton to drop off part and wait for said part to be repaired to return to farm. Said part not ready that day. Wednesday-Actually stayed home, awaiting phone call that would send me flying out the door to get said part. Still not repaired, though was next on the list at 11am. Thursday-Said part still not looked at. Unhappy farmer, completely frustrated farmer's wife. Off to farm to pick up something else. Then to Yorkton to pick up said part. Then to Regina with said part. Run around to do shopping needed. Meet up with Aunti N and Cuz R for Gwyn to get a play in and a visit. Stayed over with Aunti N and Cuz R. Friday- Pick up missed/added things from Thursday.  Take off  home. LOL no wonder I am tired!!!  Not to mention. Said place in Yorkton... may just get a letter. I was completely appalled with their service. Don't get me wrong, I understand busy, but if your busy, tell me! Don't be a dink. Sickly poor service. Though... the fabulous place in Regina, Much much nicer experience. Just to see if they deliver what they promise now.  I hope so, I sure like the Regina place better than Yorkton's hands down and would rather drive there than Yorkton now. Ok. But, Just making myself mad so will get on with it!

On the needles. Still fishy fishy hat.. but it has come a long way... and is looking very cool!!! Might have to make a couple more!  Shetland Border shawl, almost finished chart A! yay! might even finish chart A tonight! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Next on the needles, Wendy's summer mystery Shawlette... maybe. Got my yarn and my needles so.. will see.

In my running today in Regina, Because I got an awesome early start!!! I got to stop at the Golden Willow on 13th ave(re:brown bag). Sharon is awesome! That shop is amazing. I love, love, love going in there. Yarn fumes and all. I picked up a couple skeins one of which I think I will make mystery shawl with. Not sure if it will be the plumish/burgandyish or the tan. Or if I will just have to make 2! LOL We shall see. I was thinking about those skeins of alpaca goodness since the last time I was at the Willow!!! So, I knew I had to get one.. and the second well.. just followed me home! LOL  Now, that gorgeous purple, blue and green. Sharon is an enabler. But it is in her best interest. LOL She had a little hat she made out of it(different colourway) and had Gwyn try it on. It looked very nice :) Sharon showed me that yarn because it was new since I had been in last... and so.. I drooled on it.. then inspected it. I decided that 600m for $26.00 was not bad. And that the wool was soooo soft and squishy in goodness... I had to take it home!! LOL I was in love!!! My bad. But I shall make something lovely and good with it all... :) (because I have noticed I am becoming a yarn snob, I like the woolly goodness, and the naturally yummy yarns better and better all the time)
So, while in the Willow... I asked about drop spindles... Sharon, had Gwyn settled was going to show me how to get started. But Gwyn did not settle, so we had to leave. I told Sharon that maybe...  Mom(Gwyn's grandma) could look after her and I could sneak over and Sharon could give me the goods on this spindle stuff next week. When I go back to pick up said part. I think that would be a super sweet deal!!! Anyhow, that was  my yarn shop excitement.

I am darn well pooped right out. Too much driving and running. Gwyn was darn well pooped right out! Daddy came home for a quick visit over supper :) awesome! Nice to see that farmer that I do all this running for! LOL Then when he went to the farm and she was down right upset... she went to bed. I got a shower, and typing this, and a row on the Shetland. Think I am going to try for the next 3 then crawl off to bed... Lots to do.. got to pick up seed tomorrow afternoon. Don't get me wrong, that is an excellent thing!! I am just very happy to have seed in the ground! Now, lets hope that damn rain stays away!!!

So, I had a wise Auntie tell me once "Women who marry for money, EARN IT." She forgot to tell me "If you marry a farmer, your gonna do parts runs." LOL Maybe nobody ever told her that part... :)

Gnighty all!

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