Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy week... I lost Monday somehow...

It has been one of those crazy weeks.  We went to Yorkton on Monday. James to the farm on Tuesday, got a call he had to go back to Yorkton Weds. Thursday I went to Yorkton. Came home through P.ville and the farm. *shakes head* that alone makes for a long week.  Add in James staying at the farm, rather than add an hour to his day driving. I would rather when he has worked a long day he not hit a deer on the way home because he was just too damn tired to be on the road. But I don't know if I can take it.  Gwyn misses her daddy!! And she is not a happy camper that he doesn't come home at night and see her for a second or two in the morning. He stayed at the farm Tuesday? hmmm.. Weds?.. anyway from one of those 2 days on. He was home tonight.  Gwyn was happier than! James was smiling pretty darn good too.. missing his girl. Though I can bet he wasn't up crying til all hours of the night! This is why I don't know if I can do it... It's a challenge we shall say.... and I may have to call in reinforcements but, we will hold off until we know if we need them or not...

So, today we spent some time outside. Gwyn is dog gone tired, did not nap. Late night, up early... But enjoyed the time outside.
 On the knitting front.  I finished Summerflies. It is blocking.. I should be able to pull it off the cardboard and take some better pics tomorrow. See how the day goes.
I have a Shetland border shawl on the needles. It has to be knit on when Gwyn is sleeping.... reading a chart with what I think to be a bit of stitch variation and an active toddler don't mix. It has been sitting untouched for a couple days as with Daddy away she wouldn't sleep away from my body. So, for the sanity of mom, and the good of the Gwyn.. she napped on me, and I went to bed with her.

I also cast on my crazy fishy hat. I have lips and part of a head. I am really liking the way it is looking... might have to make a few more. But I will wait til I am done this one to say for sure!! The pattern is at and is the Fish Hat. ( ) I think it will be neat all done up. :)

Anyways, I am dead tired and it's late so will have to chatter on another time! Gnighty!

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