Monday, May 09, 2011

Shawl fever, is there such a thing?

As of the start of the Japanese Garden shawl.. which called and called and called to me. SO, I HAD to make it!!! Then, I started looking at other patterns for shawls. I love how Wendy D. Johnson does her patterns.. she does beautiful work. So I did purchase a few patterns, even better while she was having her "blogversary sale" Sweet deal! So, then once finished the Japanese Garden shawl, I started the Shetland border shawl, which, with a toddler is a challenge to keep your chart straight!! So yesterday I gave in and cast on Summer flies(not one of Wendy's). This one is a knit a long for Mommy needs yarn, a Ravelry group I am a part of. BTW. Japanese Garden was a knit a long for this same group :)

I am not so certain about the variegate.. I think the pattern gets lost in it. But this will tell me how much Patons Grace yarn it will take to make it.  Now, Patons site says Grace is a double knit weight, but rav. says it's a sport... I think it looks ok.. but will know better when I am done if I am happy with how it blocks out.

Anyways.. that's some knitting for ya!! LOL Catch you later!

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Miss Em said...

You have serious talent girl. Love them, they are beautiful. We got a prayer shawl for my mother in law when her husband passed away they are stunning as well.