Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Girl.....

Ok, She is 2. Until.. 4 days ago.. she pulled out anything I put in her hair.  4 days ago I put piggy tails, like you see pictured below in her hair. Then promptly before she could rip them out took her to the bathroom mirror so she could see them! She loves them! She left them in all day.. and has now 3 times left them all day!  

 Today we did finger painting!! Here are Gwyn's very first finger painted pictures!! 

My faves are the first one which was her very first one, and this last one of her hands! Honestly I had to steal away the hand one before she totally covered it with paint... I love it!  Thank You Grandma for the finger paints!! We had great fun!!

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Miss Em said...

YEAH FINGER PAINT! I am glad you finally tried it with her. It is very fun. Love the piggy tails still can't get Marla to wear them.