Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Last week was a mixed bag. We had warm weather we had coldish weather. We had rain, we had snow/sleet. It was a crazy week. Monday we did get outside. Gwyn blew bubbles with the bubble gun her grandma got her. She loves to blow bubbles.. and this just makes less mess than the wand when you have a 2 year old. Gwyn played in the sandbox. I had to take her in and change her bottom, and because she had not been interested in the mud. I did not put her splash pants back on. My first mistake... she went straight for the mud when she didn't have on her splash pants.

Gwyn let me put pigtails in. I put them high on her head so she would be able to see them. When I showed her in the mirror she gave that giant open mouth happy smile! She left them in all day. With the exception of one pulled out at J's birthdayday party. But I think it may have got caught and she had to yank to get free!

 At the party...

My little balloon hog!!
 And here is what I have been working on....

I think it is knitting up well! It's Wendy D. Johnson's Shetland Border shawl.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Momma's out there!! Enjoy your day!!!

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Miss Em said...

We have had the crazy weather as well. Of course she would go straight to the mud, mine does to. Silly girls.