Monday, January 03, 2011

Yes, I can't believe it either!

I can not believe myself how much Gwyn grew last year! I do guess that is what kids do. Grow.
I do however love these little snuggle moments!!
 Gwyn loves her ketchup chips. She gets that honestly from her daddy. While we were away at gymnastics Daddy had some chips... well... when Gwyn got hungry for supper... she was helping herself.. so I gave her a bowl of her own at her table.. and she gladly sat and watched her show while eating them while I made supper. Mind you how much she ate for supper was reflective of what she ate prior!
She did however eat all her lunch at her table today. She didn't want to sit for lunch... so we tried eating at her table instead of the big table and she ate every bite! My hungry growing girl!!!

As for this new year stuff.. yes, new year... but still feeling the effects of last year.. I still have a bunch of Christmas gifts to sort and put away. I need to clean up Gwyn's room so it's more her room yet.. and I just feel too overwhelmed when I go in there to try and tackle it.. so I distract myself with something else!  I made rice krispie cake today. I just don't know where to start.  I have all this stuff that should be packed away... then I have all the stuff that needs to stay out... grr... and how is it that you choose toys your child has grown out of? I mean.. I would pack her ball drop away.. but she plays with the balls.. never with the giraffe anymore but a with the balls.  Her shape sorters she doesn't really even look at anymore but I still think they have play value... do they? This is what I mean about overwhelmed.... what do you start with and where do you finish?

So, New years resolutions??  Well, I want to cook better, more rounded meals.. I suck still so far.. but I know I can get there.  I want to declutter.. and comes the overwhelmed.. and yes start with one thing.. but in this house one thing is ten. Anyhow.. I will quit now.... I have to make some supper of sorts and we shall see what the rest of the evening goes.

Miss Em. for Marla, are you using Huggies training pants or padded underpants or the cloth training pants with the waterproof liner for potty training?? I looked at the padded underpants in Walmart when I was there.. and thought Gwyn is so not there!!  But then some online say that they train faster in cloth because they don't like wet... well... what about the oopsie poobears? Any who.. I am off...

Catch you all later...

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Miss Em said...

Hi Dear! I am strickly an anti-pull up mama. I think they are too similar to diapers and will only take longer to train. We are using undies and padded undies if she is having a rough day. Gwen will let you know when she is ready. Just introduce her to the potty and let her lead the way otherwise you will really want to poke you eye with a hot needle. HA HA HA. Ok so that wasn't really funny. Unfortionatly her daycare is not helping with the training at all. I am really upset about it but she is getting there.