Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Socks 'n' such

Yesterday I finished these.. "Warm Their Toes" socks. I love them! They turned out very well. The fabric is very squishy and nice....Believe it or not, today was nice outside. I could actually take my girlie out for a toboggan ride! We had sun this morning.... but it didn't last long. It clouded in and warmed up. Thank goodness we did not get any more snow today! I think we have had more than enough! Gwyn enjoyed her boggan ride.

So, after finishing those socks.. I hunted down my next pair. I think they are super sweet and cute too!! I learnt to Turkish cast on to start these... I believe I tried that kind of cast on before but not sure if I actually used it. It is a great cast on and makes a nice neat toe. So, these socks are what I have been working on today.

So not much happening around our place.

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