Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sitting in silence...

Is an odd place for me these days. It just happens that James and Gwyn are snoozing on the big bed... So, the house is silent. I mean other than the fridge kicking in or the furnace doing it's warm up. The sun is shining outside, though there is a slight breeze by the look of it. Still very quiet when you are used to Gwyn filling all the quiet space. It isn't uncomfortable.. but it feels odd.. I don't know if I have had this quiet to myself for quite some time. I am enjoying every second of it though!!! LOL I have been working on a trial run of a pair of socks. I did a pair in what I thought would be Gwyn's size, turns out she will have to grow into them. Before I try to adapt the pattern to an adult size.... :) The are still a WIP(work in progress) but are coming along.. beautifully!

The above is the beginning of these beauties... I was so frustrated with my circular needle I almost quit. But I knew, there was really nothing wrong with the damn thing. It was doing what it should. And with use it would relax and work just fine, which is exactly what it has done. Nothing like driving a luxury car, then switching to a mid class.... because in my belief Aero needles are still some of the better.. they are just not as luxury as Addi turbos... shame on me for getting so spoiled to them in one pair of socks!!!
Then we had toes! Yes very pretty toes!

Now, we have heels and some ankle on them!

The soles are very nice.

I love love love how these heels turned. They are beautiful. No holes. All nice! So, off to knit, and look after my girl as my seconds of silence are over :)

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