Friday, January 14, 2011

Warm their toes....

Well. That is what I have been working on.  You can tell as I  have 4 inches of socks.. and dishes in the sink... But, here is a pic for you to enjoy anyways!  Ah, well I will give you a couple.. one of the socks and some of my girlie..

These socks I started... Tuesday night, restarted Wednesday night, and actually got some pattern rounds on today and tonight.
The pattern doesn't show as well as it should.. but have not yet finished one full round of it.
 We got our girl outside today! It was great to get her on her toboggan and not have it horrid bitter cold out!

I think she enjoyed and would have stayed out longer.. but, I could see the red in her face and knew it was time to take her in.. before she got too cold!

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