Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Sunday

Well.. today we started with a little sleep in. Thank you Daddy for trying.  And I had a shower. Then we had pancakes for brunch.  After pancakes I cleaned up.. did a little knittin on my socks. Then I made 2 rice krispie cakes. :) After that... cleaned up a bit... cut the cakes.. started the van... went and swept off the van. Off to Gymnastics.  Gwyn fell asleep at kylemore.. bah.. so when we got home.. she is now sleeping... Makes for a late night again tonight but, what can one do?

Gwyn pulling her phone and dog around at the same time!

Melting marshmellows
counter ready to add rice krispie and m's to above marshmellows when ready
Finished cake... YUM!!

Bouncing Tigger!!

My latest socks....  (my what long legs you have my dear.... at least they feel that way...  not sure they will get a forth repeat of the pattern...will see...)

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Miss Em said...

You have been busy. Can't wait to see the finished socks! I would LOVE for you to help with my mess of a room. Sigh...that time and distance thing gets in the way.