Friday, January 07, 2011

Post 417. What?. oh, I guess... yeah...

Yup, looked at my number of posts and just about peed my pants.  Then I thought about it. I have been posting here for some time now. It used to be just crafty doodles that I had done up. A place to post about where and what James and I were working on. So, that family could keep up with us even though we were not in one place too long.  Then, well, Gwyn happened. It seems since Gwyn there has been very little time for anything else.  Which is on one hand the way it is supposed to be. I guess. And on the other... sometimes I just wish I had 10 minutes!!! LOL But any momma knows about that 10 minutes, it is happening right now.  Gwyn is in bed. My blog was calling.. there is laundry asking to be put in the dryer... I am looking through some knitting books I got for Christmas, that I didn't get the chance to really look at before now.  I am enjoying my.. 10 minutes.. or what might work into 2 hours.. and nothing will get done...  just time for me to wind down.

Gwyn loves the table that Grandpa made for her. She sits at it every chance she gets. Other than when lounging out in her big comfy chair to watch her shows.  She tries to escape our kitchen table with breakfast, lunch and supper, to eat there.  I don't mind too much as we have carpet in both rooms so whatever.  But I do like to see her at the table with us. 
 I just love my girls beautiful smile!  I love when we can play and she gets giddy. All the fun.. mind you, the squeal can be a little tough on the ears.. even though its a very happy one!!
 Here she is dancing on her cube... yup.. LOL She climbed up there to spin on it while dancing.. I dunno.... Think the cube is headed for the shed... soon!
 Gwyn wanted my camera today.. I tried to convince her, her camera would be better and we should go get it.. but... she wanted to take a picture.. NOW! So we did. Of Grandpa's handy workmanship. And her Babies. Tigger and Dolly on the floor. She hasn't named dolly so we call her baby, or dolly.. one day she will I am sure....  She has really gotten into her dolly's in the last bit. Plays with her dolls, stroller and tea set. All good.... Just means I have to be selective of what I tuck away.... I was going to put her shape sorters away.. but said nothing to anyone but her auntie over the Internet... and she got one out today and sorted the shapes 2 or 3 times into it. I do think she  prefers her puzzles now though. So.. they still might get tucked away.. for the next one... oh my...
Anyways.... I have babbled on long enough... I have to run for a pee and get to looking in my books and winding down.. before the midnight wake up occurs... LOL 

Talk to you all soon!!

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