Sunday, September 14, 2008

What the hell to do first...

Well, Harvest is underway.. sort of. I guess one could say full swing when your running for parts, and the guys are fixing. I don't mind though.. I love my car.. most the time! LOL Sometimes I wish it were a Rav4, which looks like the same thing only a 4x4 with more clearance... But I love it for the car it is. (it needs a bath!!!)

So, what to do. I peeled my onions last night for relish.. I need to run them and the cucumbers through the grinder. Have yet to decide when exactly I want to do that.. If I do it today.. then I am making relish tomorrow. If parts are needed tomorrow..then relish wont get done and it will sit far longer than overnight.... as I have to be in the city for Tuesday A.M. Crazy life I know. I have beets, carrots and cabbage to deal with too... But do I tackle something there or do I clean out the baby room a bit more... so I have the stuff ready to go to the city with?

Don't know.. do know I need some breakfast... catch you all later!

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