Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Home sweet Home...

Oh... Has been a very long haul.... But, we are finally home. It felt soooo good to sleep in my own bed last night(baby belly and all). I hate to have to go to the city tonight for a doctors appointment tomorrow morning.... but after that... Home til the next appointment. Ooh so nice. So, we got all the bins done.. finally. We do have 2 here around home just to pick up and toss on cones... they are small ones and if they are in good shape should take no time at all to toss up there... Then I think we are done, Done! At least until we get the itch to build next year... we will see how things go.

Anyways, good to be home and I will be trying to get things ready for baby... so, if any of you are interested might be some pics come through of this or that. I haven't been knitting or crocheting much.. my wrists are temperamental(one day I wake they aren't so bad, next day I need my hubby to do up and undo my bra!). So, I have a whole washcloth and a half knit to show for my whole summer.

How did the rest of you do for crafting through the summer? Now that it feels more fallish... at least around here... How was your summer? Did you spent it at the lake? Doing home reno's? Crafting quietly in a favorite spot? Gardening? How did your garden turn out?

I have yet to get into my garden.... sounds like out of my 12 cabbage I am getting 2 giant ones...onions need to be pulled.. I haven't looked but I think my acorn squash was too late into the ground... my corn fell over because the stocks were week... and I guess we shall see what the rest has done once we get out there.

Talk to you all later!


Val said...

Good to hear that you're ! I'm surprised you had a garden or time for any knitting. I'm sure you'll get lot of things made know that you're home. Take it easy!

Val said...

Meant to say "Good to hear that you're HOME"