Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beets are done...

The beets are pretty much done. I have beet pickle and beet relish done, in jars! Did that the other day. Yesterday, we did our last bin. It was a repair. I would show you pics.. because I have, but the gentleman that we did the repair for was rather embarrassed about the damage and I don't want to put that here, so, sorry there are no pics. Today.. I did some dishes.... I didn't do the pots... Maybe tonight.

Today we got our car seat! I am very excited about that. It came from Sears catalogue. The girl carried it out to the car for me... so sweet! I was going to leave it for hubby to bring in... but, I wanted to see it. I wanted to know what it looked like, what the liner felt like. How heavy it was. All that good stuff. No pics of it yet.. will do them later. I like it. I hope hubby likes it when he sees it too! Now the only question is... do we get the second base for it? will see what happens when hubby gets home.

I have started a baby hat.. I should finish it sometime tonight.. I think.. if not tomorrow. Then I will have a crafty knit something for you to see!!! Now, isn't that exciting? LOL

I am back to my hat. Catch you all later!

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