Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy, Rest? what rest?

Been a crazy week... sorry to have neglected you all... However many you all are?

Monday I ran for parts(specifically - combine belts). I think our old girl said it was time to redo the whole belt system this year... hard to believe there would be any more different belts that we haven't changed. But apparently there is one or two... Monday, I had to go to the city because I had an appointment Tuesday morning... Well, I ran for parts in the morning... and actually got on the road... around 3 or 4 pm... then stopped at a friends... and it was to be a short quick cup of tea... LOL this friend knows who she is.... and it ended up being 3 hours!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! so much for a short stop, quick cup. :D That's ok though, we hadn't seen each other in person for a long time!!! So, I left at dusk from her place.. and got part way before I was driving in the dark... which is ok. I will say I hate the valley in the dark though... Just because there are a lot of driveways and such where deer like to stand... But anyways... I made it to the city in good time.. was there by 9. Had a rest... a visit with mom... then off to bed. Tuesday, got up went for my appointment. Then went and did the shopping I needed to get done. I got it done.. and it only took until 2pm.. sweet deal. Mom and I got to go home for a rest before supper. Then got a little visit with mom and dad in. Wednesday, I woke up with a picture in my head... will tell you about that in a minute... Anyways... Wednesday.. got up and visited with Mom for most the morning then decided I was getting a calling to check out a second hand kids store.. so we went...(I actually think it was Quiznos calling! YUMM). Mom found a pair of the cutest pink overalls... 12month size I thinks... but they roll up on the bottom so think they will get lots of wear(as long as our tech was right!). She also got a top to go with... I didn't find anything. I told her my pull wasn't for her to buy! LOL but the overalls are adorable... Then we ran to wal-mart. There is a Bernat pattern book I would love.... because there is a cape in it I want to make for my mom once these wrists ease. I really liked the cape and so did she when I showed her the pic. No luck. So, then off to Quiznos for lunch. Damn they make a good sandwich there!!! After lunch I took mom home. Then I headed for home. Stopped at Southey's Flaman dealer to ask a few questions and then headed the rest of the way home...I was to call mom when I got home.. funny thing was, I got in the door and got my bum to the toilet seat and the phone was ringing. Hubby needed a belt... so, off I ran. (forgot to call) Out to the farm with the belt.. out to the field.. stayed to visit a couple while he fixed.. then off I went. When I got home... I called mom...she wasn't panicked so... all was good. Thursday, I went to the farm. Drove them from one field to the other so they could move equipment. Then made lunch for us. Then I went to Wadena to deal with a few things... Samples, belt return, groceries and a quick stop to the bank. Then I got a call he needed a bearing... but ended up he ran for it. I came home from Wadena, had a rest then did up my dishes... peeled a whack of cucumbers.. then ground them in the meat grinder... then ground the onions that had been in my fridge.. since... Monday? or Sunday? can't remember... but long enough! So, I was dead tired... then made supper for Hubby and I, we had a shower and into bed. Long day!!! And today.. dishes are awaiting in the sink.... jars are waiting on the stove to be washed...grindings are awaiting draining...and canning into relish.. all good!

But this picture, I had a picture of the cutest little girl, hair in pigtails, dressed in overalls, dirty like she had been helping Daddy and holding a wrench that was almost as long as she was tall..... funniest part is I can completely see it happening..... She would have been Late 2's to 3 years old. Too cute!

And that's it... might let ya know how the relish goes later!! LOL

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