Friday, September 26, 2008

Pictures Galore!

Well, Hubby figures that the farmer who has this... isn't about to be concerned about these pics... So, we will hope. So, shhhhh you didn't see them here!

Here is the original damage pic. Ouch eh?
Here we had 4 sheets out of the bin.... 2 in the bottom ring.. and 2 one ring up. If you look close you can see a bit of sag on the poor bin from having 1/3 of those to rings out... glad it wasn't windier in the yard!
All done up... very little difference in shine.... Looks good.. at least I think so...
And the full pic. Happy bin!
Now.. this is the baby hat I made.. yesterday and this morning...
I would have finished it last night.. had I used my brain a little more and figured out the changes I had to make for knitting in the round before I started the crown decrease! I had to frog it back a bit and restart my decrease... It was not pretty!!!
I do think the finished product of the hat turned out nice anyways.... I think I will make one ribbed now... shorter maybe... this one seems very long... I am pondering what I want to do... :D

And below is the baby wash cloths I did while in Outlook and finished the second here at home.. but for the most part that was what I accomplished while we were away doing bins! LOL Those and the blue boucle sweater I guess....

This is the Car seat I picked up yesterday.... Very nice. Seems nice and light(for the sheer size of it). This should last baby the first full year... 5-30lbs instead of the rest of them that seem to come in at 5-22lbs... It's a good size anyways... I had to pull it out of the box and read the directions... and all that. Should be easy to install in the car.. or truck. (we are planning to stick to one base, as it seems it will be very easy to switch it from one vehicle to the other, and most travels will be in the car anyways!). I do want to put it in the car and see how it sits and everything, I also want to wash the cover..... It says to machine wash and hang dry.. so Mom.. here I come again! LOL I didn't realize it was also.. one of the new ones that is rated somehow for side impact. And it is good until December of 2014. So we have a few years to decide on the next baby :P
Well, that is it for now.. will keep you posted on any other excitement around here... I don't expect too much though!


OH! I didn't tell you... I got the neatest envelope in the mail today! Val over at Life with sheep sent me 2 pattern books for baby things! They have some beautiful patterns in them! Thank you again Val! One is Beehive for Bairns volume 4, and the other Patons Baby book #271. Maybe I will show you pictures later... LOL


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