Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weather and Such...

Well, Today has proven a mixed bag. Not odd for Saskatchewan mind you. We have had the clouds hang about and be dreary, we have had rain, we have had snow to the point of it collecting on the ground. It's been windy and calm. Just been an icky day all round.Above is wet and icky. Bellow is the view out my window. Not sure if we had rain or snow at that point. I sure hope, the weather has gotten this out of it's system so it will be nice for the goblins and ghosts who go around tomorrow!

These are some neato, transparent letter beads I bought in Walmart. I got them thinking my friend whom does the wonderful stitch markers could do me up a neato set! Won't they be fun?????? Now, these were some glass beads I am also going to pass on to my friend.... I think she can still put them to use... I was thinking they would be used with the other beads but didn't have my head on straight as smaller beads will go with them... silly girl am I! I hope she likes them... they are still fun beads.
As for my day, I spent it, being a bum. I did the dishes. Walked for the mail. Vacuumed. Worked a little on my scarf... now that is the pic I forgot to take... I need to finish it...So, going back to work on the darn thing... I am liking it though... It's looking good. Just my patience thing... Long and boring doing row after row of a ribbed scarf. Oh well, I know the recipient of it will love it, and that is what matters.

So, TTYL, hopefully with scarf pics.


Hey, Just wanted to let you all know about this cool contest. I love how she has set this up....
Very neat, Check it out... and of course... tell her I sent you.... that is if someone hasn't already sent you!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Joke!

I received this joke in my email. At first I thought maybe they were talking about, Canada v.s US. Then, I thought... Maybe they are talking about Saskatchewan and another province... as Saskatchewan has horrid wait times!!!!! But read and you shall find out what this is all about!!

The Joke:

Boy, if this doesn't hit the nail on the old head, I don't know what does!

Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement.

The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week.

The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn't reviewed for another week and finally has his surgery scheduled for a month from then.

Why the different treatment for the two patients? The FIRST is a Golden Retriever. The SECOND is a Senior Citizen. Next time take me to a vet !!!

Now see, We need more trained Medical Professionals for people. We need to get something to shorten them waiting lines..

Food for thought! (especially for those of us going to the polls Nov.7)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Picture of the Mitten's as Promised

Ok, so here above are the finished mitten's. The Fawn colour seems to be a bit washed out in the photo, but is beautiful when you see it in person. Below is the Scarf. Yes the pain staking scarf is underway! LOL It is a skinny scarf though, so it is going to be a very long project I am afraid! And yes I am afraid of it too!!! But, So far I am winning! I love how the rib looks with the colours and how the scarf is coming along... so I am soooo winning this one!!! In fact, I cast it on last night and think I have more than 12 inches done already! (do not tell me at this point that I have at least 5 feet to go, I know, but I am currently reveling in the fact I have made it more than a foot without throwing it!)
I also, have been trying to de-junk. Yes, I said trying. I want to make room for the stuff I want around by getting rid of the stuff I don't. And Let me tell you now, it is very much easier said than done!!! But, I have progress. My yarn, in the Rubbermaid's, is in the room. Yes in the room, My room. LOL I made them work in there. I will show you pictures later, not now as it looks like a hurricane went through there..... less the water of course! And I just think pictures now would scare people. I have Christmas gifts cut out and stacked. I have a stack of affieghan squares that I was supposed to make an affie with... stacked... not sewn into an affie yet. I really should do that.... but, I don't feel like it. I rather sew, or knit. Go figure huH? ROTFL Craziness. ah well. If I don't get rid of them, I shall find a way to use them. *sighs* I guess I have a stack of crap to go out Full Circle/Freecycle way too. I have listed it, just haven't had anyone want it yet. Patience. I know. But, If I were in Regina this weekend, or going to be, I would load it up and take it to their Free for all. Which I believe is Saturday. Ah well, try to get rid of it on mine, if not I shall haul it all to Regina and pass it through my mom's group. Yes I love the Full Circle/Freecycle group. A great way to get rid of the crap that clutters your home and pass it along to someone whom might actually find it useful. Great stuff. Anyways... I have rambled one far long enough... specially since I was just going to post those pics... I hope you enjoyed them!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home from the cities....

Yes, I said Cities. Only because, I was in Regina for a week(almost, close enough) and then off to Yorkton the day after returning home. Here are some yummy pictures for you!!!
Above is the Yummy yarns I found on sale in Canadianna Craft shop in Regina. MMMM yumm, sock yarn and cotton! Below is the giant Pomegranate found at Costco in Regina(got a flat of 6 for $13.99).

Above here is the Fat Quarters we found in Astrin's Attic in Regina for a buck a piece.... how can one pass that up? And such a wonderful little shop! Very friendly and lots of goodies!!!
This above is the Hockey print I got my momma to pick up at Fabricland when they had the member sale. I couldn't make myself pay $7.00 a meter when I had other fabric I could use.... but with 40% off... I sure could use it! LOL
This is the purple I picked up to go into my nephew's hat, mitt and neck warmer set. It looks blue here but is a beautiful bright purple! I think he will love it! Thank you to Golden Willow for having a beautiful purple on hand!

This here, is the beautiful Fat Quarters I received in my swap. Remember the neutral winter print I posted and said I was in a swap? Well this is what I received in return! They are beautiful!!! Thanks Ladies!!!

So, what else is new? not much... I have a kitchen table in my kitchen again! I love having it back. Funny how you don't miss it til it's in another room for a while. We bought a new vacuum... not sure I like it better than the one I already own so... might be going back to the store... not sure yet though.

I have the sweetest husband. He had the house all nice and clean and vacuumed and dishes done, even laundry and everything when I arrived home on Sunday. Beautiful. LOL What a spoiled brat I am eh? I came home and made a big mess dropping all my finds on the floor! Mind you I quickly, attempted to squirrel them away so they wouldn't mess up the perfect looking home!!!

Well, off and running talk to you all again soon!


I FORGOT to tell you!!!!! I have all but the thumb done on the second mitten... so it's comeing along!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

One down....

Hey, I finished one mitten. Yes. One. I think I may be suffering second mitten syndrome.... because I did not immediately cast on the second. Hmm... maybe it is the thought of a scarf after them? eh I don't know. I think I was too tired. Being in the city visiting and all... Anyways... off to breakfast and to cast on the Mitty... pictures later... when I get home....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Toque, Hat... you get it...

Above, the hat on my head. Bellow the hat on my foot stool.
I like the colours. I think it worked up nice..... Will be a beautiful gift with some mitten's and scarf.... Don't ya think?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Isn't the colour pretty?

Well, here is part of a Christmas package. All done up. It's a neck warmer. I made it with the Briggs and Little, Anniversary Twist Wool. I love how the colours worked up.
I would almost call it pretty, In Fact. It is pretty. LOL But don't tell the guy I made it for that! LOL
Now, I am definitely debating a sweater out of this lovely colour for me. I thought before just because I had a whack of it, that I might make a sweater. But this would look awesome with jeans!!! Yes, fabulous. So, we shall see after the holiday crafting what happens.

What did I cast on next? A hat. Black, I am thinking with cream, fawn and a bright blue or navy blue. I have yet to decide. But it is cast on and on its way..... pics maybe when it's done.
This gift season makes it hard to post what I am working on.... Crazy... oh well.... hopefully I show enough to keep you all interested and not enough that everyone knows what they are getting!!
Here's hoping anyways!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Socks? Did I say socks?

LOL, I tried casting on those socks yet again.... and have totally become frustrated with them. So, on to a neck warmer for now. Madness.
Talk to you later!

They are done!!

Yes, I finished these lovely toe up sockies.... on Thanksgiving day... Monday, October 8th. They turned out beautifully! Very happy with them. Now to tuck them away for Christmas.And this is my next pair. Well, I ripped this off the needles and started again. Twice. Now this is because. I looked at the toe and thought of who it was for, and though, holy crap that is a small toe for her! SO, I tried again.... LOL and the toe was then too big... Now last night I was horrible tired when I was figuring this. Figured how many stitches I wanted to start with, then tried casting on again and got one sock one way on the needles and one the other way... OI.. so, put them in the bag and flung them into the back seat of the truck and said "I am too tired to F**k with this right now." So, might try again today... though, dishes to do, sewing to do, housework to do.... could be a bit... LOL but we shall see. Dontcha love the colours? LOL While we were at the Tire shop I was knitting on these toes and my BIL came over to the truck and said "so, if I fuck around for another hour here I should have a pair of socks?" LOL I told him I did not think they were his colour and he looked down and said "maybe not" LOL And not his size either.... so may have to investigate a pair for him too... we shall see....
Home today anyways... nice change of pace... though lots to get done here too. It's too wet to get into the garden and pull everything, so, that will wait. Just laundry, dishes and vacuuming all that good stuff.... eh...

Talk to you all later!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fat Quarter Swap

Yes, I entered in a fat quarter swap. I know I am not much on quilting. But, I thought the quarters would be fun for little projects too... Like tissue holders and such... If I get to making some. :) Which I would like to! So this is a picture of the winter themed fabric I am sending to my partners... Hopefully they aren't peeking here!!! Mind you the colour is a lot richer than it appears here. This looks very washed out but the fabric is a beautiful, rich, neutral pattern. I really really liked it... and paid probably a bit more at the quilting shoppe than I would have if I would have went to Fabricland... but sometimes for something wonderful you have to go to that little place, and pay a wee bit more. I love it though and hope the gals do too!!!

As far as my sock, its still in progress. I have figured out that if I put the ball of wool between my legs and run the strands one to each side they don't get all twisted up... not such a bad idea, but would be too much trouble to make the whole socks that way. So next time, two balls of yarn. :) (Deb thank you for the comment on the sockies).

As far as work, well rained yesterday. Cold and dreary, holding out for some warmer weather tomorrow, and maybe let the muddy yard we are in dry a little.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Just because you can....

Doesn't always mean you should!!! See how beautiful these sockies are coming? I am impressed. Couple more rounds of the legs and they will be done!! Hooray!!! Then, onto...

I don't know... Yet.

Also, note the tangle not too far from the socks? well..... This is where the just because you can knit a pair from one ball, doesn't mean you should knit them at the same time from the same ball. This is not, knots, it is twists... yes twists. The yarn as I knit the socks twists up.
Now, by taking the ball and spinning it around I can untwist the yarn. Though I have done a lot of that through the process of these socks. I do believe if I had used 2 balls, I could have kept them separated better and would not have spent so much time untwisting the ball! So, note to self and all others... if knitting a pair of sockies magic loopy style, it may be easier to use 2 balls to keep the yarn separated, rather than one ball and have to play with it to get it untangled every few rounds.

Other than that, Today is icky cold and wet. So we are at home. No fun playing in the rain and cold. Rain when its warm is one thing, cold when its dry is one thing, but when your cold and wet..... it's all bad. So we are home, warm and dry!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Life, as of late

OI, it has been some hell. 22'08 Twister, was a bust. So, built the roof and that was it, all because we didn't want to touch their used bins. But, that was their choice and so be it. Then we built a 15'04 Grain Vault, mounted 2 - 14' Roscos on steel floors. And today we headed up to Nut mountain to build 2- 22'06 Twisters on hoppers. I had to shake my head, the farmer can't seem to believe it is only the 2 of us. Oh well, what the hell we are there, we are building his bins... so be it.

As far as knitting. I have those toe up socks on the needles yet... been sneaking a row on when I can.

And that's it, that's all.