Friday, August 10, 2007

Garden and this and that

Apparently we got horrid hail here yesterday! It did only come through the North side of town. It took out windows and windshields. James and I's home and garden is all good except the onions that were all laid out. I pulled them and braided them up now they are hanging. I will try and post pictures later. We did harvest a lot of zucchini and cucumbers too.. as well as Kohl Rabi. Yum... and we had fresh garden potato's with cucumber for supper.

We made a quick trip home today for mail and laundry. I am not sure whats up from here.

Thank you for the comments on the baby booties. I guess if they are too big at birth then... she can wear them later. I think I will put a ribbon in the booties though... not sure exactly how but will show you when I get to that.

I have a pair of blue wool sockies on the needles right now.. still working on the first one as work is somewhat time consuming.. LOL and it's hard to knit when your shoulders hurt from putting up roof sheets. I put the poncho down.. too hot. I want to make more booties sometime too... wash cloths too.....

I want to take some pictures of the bins in the yard but they are going out just about as fast as we are putting them up so, I have a video of the bin going onto the trailer that I hope to post but we shall see if I can figure out how to put up the video. :)

Anyhow, gotta run!!
Catch ya all later!!!

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