Saturday, August 11, 2007


These are the onions I got off my garden this year(one is yellow onions the other is spanish, not that I can currently tell the diff). I braided them up, so that I could hang them to dry. I wanted to hang them as I will not be around to keep them turned and drying evenly. I am hoping this looks something like what my Great Grandma used to do for drying them..... Hey MOM! am I at least close???? Ah well hoping this works and that I will have nice yummy dry onions when I get home. :) As for Zucchini and Cucumber.. .I hope they stay cool enough that they are happy till I am home... we are taking some but not all :) Anyhow... off and running!!

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MOM said...

Hi Sweetie,
Those look very much like the way Gram used to do them. Very cool - brings back memories of them hanging in her little back porch!
Love you!