Friday, August 17, 2007

Bin Moving.....n such

Well, The weather has not been co-operating. If it is not hotter than hell, then it's raining cats and dogs or blowing the cows around!!! We didn't get much done today and yesterday... little slow moving in the wind. Just the way it is. (though frustrating for us!)

We did get this bin done today, and yesterday.... fought with the wind most the way! We did have another done, that was hauled out as fast as we finished it... so were to be 4 in the row... 2 to go!!

James going up to take the tree out!
The hanging tree being lowered to put in the next roof. We got it tight and ready to build now!!

I was going to post a video of a bin mover laying down the bin.... but will have to wait til I figure that out. You will have to settle for pictures for now... I hope you like them anyways... Also some pictures of some bins and such too... enjoy!

Also found this little nest of babies under the hopper cone! Them birdies sure like making their nests in the hoppers!

I am still working on the blue wool socks.... With the weather one would think I got further along... but been in and out and such... not much time to work on them.. though I am past the heel turn on the second sock!! Very exciting!!! Pics will follow!!

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