Thursday, August 30, 2007

About finishing up.....

It was incredibly windy when we were trying to finish up in the yard. We didn't want any more down time, as we had already taken too long! So, Hubby decided we would tie up the bin. I was not overly enthused about it, though it worked and we got the bin up. Here are some pics of the bin's tethers. Above the bin is tied to the hopper cone... though you can not see the rope all that well it is there if you look hard. Below the bin is tied to the crane.

Above we tied the bin to the tow hook on the back of the car.... Later thoughts suggested we should have moved the truck and tied it to the truck, though the car did work. Below is the bin swinging in the wind to spite the ties to the crane, cone, and car. We tied it in the 4 corners so to speak so that it would not be able to swing too much in any one direction. It was just a wee bit windy at this point as you can see the side of the bin still touch the ground and the bin dancing in the wind.

This is another video though, the bin doesn't dance as much it still is dancing.

So that was finishing up in the yard in Outlook. After finishing that we went to do 2-19 foot Rosco's, which was putting another ring on and putting them on a hopper cone. Then we took Saturday afternoon off and went to the lake. Sunday we started at building 3-15', 5 ring bins with hopper cones and rockets. Sorry no pics of that. We also set a 14' bin on a wood floor then headed for home.... and that was our week.

Above is the Dickie I made(need to tuck in the ends) for my nephew. Below is a close up of the stripe on the Dickie.

This is the jacket I am altering. You see there was a flap on there(top picture) that was in the way of the pocket. So, I took the flap off(second pic). And now I need thread and I can sew it back together. All good!

Now, I used the blogger video upload deal to put these videos on here. Let me know if you like these ones or the other ones(previous post) better. Which works better and why. That way I know which way to put up future video's. Hope you enjoy! Back to the laundry for me!! LOL

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