Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Pictures for you!

This was a row of, 6-18' diameter bins with air tube, and 7-15' diameter bins with air tubes. they were hauled out faster than we could finish the row for a good pic... LOL
This one was a row of 5-15' diameter bins(no air), and 4-18' diameter bins no air in 2, rockets in the 2 that are not in the photo, they were delivered already!! Boy the Toyota looks tiny next to the bins!!!
Hey! Reverse crop circles!!! No actually that is where we had the roofs sitting before the bins went up!
Neat looking clouds bringing in the down pour yesterday(Aug 17)
If the trees and town were not there you would see the rain streak coming! It dropped some good rain, and some pea sized hail... for hmmm 20minutes er so in the afternoon. Then in the eve it did it from Midnight til... at least after 2 er 3. Was a good rain with a few Hail dumps... mostly pea size.. some that hit hard but didn't do any damage to what we were up to... Farmer's may have a diff story though!

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