Saturday, July 28, 2007

The booties

Hey, I decided to try out a booties pattern.... LOL I tried the Bernat Baby Cotton ones. They are supposed to fit from newborn to 6 months. I think mine are a little big. I am wondering if I were to wash them, if it would shrink them so they would look like baby booties? I knew when I started I should have used smaller needles.... or at least do the swatch, but I hate the swatch. So now my booties are just a wee bit big. *shrugs* Maybe baby(not mine) will have big feet? Never know, but I am doubting that too. The base of the booties foot only measures 3 inches. Am I in the right ball park?

Well here is pics of them anyways.

Think I may try a different pattern or smaller needles for the next pair.... LOL


Dandy said...

swatches are for wimps!!!

your booties are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

You're on target - my latest niece's little feet were 2 3/4 inches / 7 cm long at birth. :)
Garter stitch will stretch a little so they can wear them longer, they'll be fine.