Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Pair are done

Hey, I finished my socks. Yes, MINE! LOL special just for me!!! Very nice, though very red. I like them and they are done. Now, I just have to be patient waiting for this 30 degree Celsius to be in the negative then I can wear them. LOL I am not hoping for it!!! I am just saying cooler for woollies.... It's darn well hot enough without them now!! A bit cooler would be nice but I am not ready for winter again yet... though if the sticky heat keeps up I might be wishing for it soon!! So below is the picture of my socks done!
I got a comment from a Deb. I don't know which one as I don't get to get your email addresses with the comments..... *sighs* so, Deb, you ignore your poor little Christmas cactus.... neglect it for ... hmmm was it about a month? I think.... er something like that. Mine gets neglected a lot as we are away working a lot!! So, I potted it from a little pot into this big pot and then took off for 3 weeks er so and came home and it was blooming... beautiful blooms... Damn cactus is the only plant I can keep alive around here....because it loves neglect... or is it that it loves to dry out? hmm well, drying out and neglecting worked well. Putting it in a new pot, made it grow like crazy so must like the new space... So to answer your question that was what I did.
I am home for a couple days. So maybe will get some pics of the garden, outside so you all can see what mother nature has blessed me with, as I just planted and hoped it would grow.
I haven't seen my yarn yet. I am imagining that with the long weekend. Canada day and all that the mail got shuffled... Least I hope the box gets here while I am home this trip. *fingers crossed*
And that is my excitement. Other than spending the last 2 days at the lake while hubby built roofs in the heat in the yard. I got to sit in the shade and dunk in the lake while he built roofs. I just couldn't take the heat... so I am melting ... but, slowly so I have lots of time left no worries there!!
I forgot to also tell you I tried to start a poncho... I am growling at it now... so it is not starting well... plain red heart yarn but it seems too stiff.... grrr.... ah well... may have to go another route... *shrugs* so be it. still makes me mad though....
Talk to you all again soon!!!

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