Sunday, July 08, 2007

Swirling in the Toilet

Mm hmm I know that sounds so lovely... I did something silly today. I went and put some wedding pictures up on Face book. Yeah, I was going through them. I was thinking about how Kevin took much better pictures than the woman we hired. He took beautiful pictures, and the woman we paid took shitty shadowy ones. *shrugs* I guess, all water under the bridge now, but I got to missing M and Kev. I definitely need to call them next trip to the city... if not before. I was also thinking about how I have a tonne of pictures of James and I, we look so happy, so fresh. Full of hopes and dreams you know. Then I see pics of me with the family, Grandma P is missing, and man do I miss her. I miss being able to call her up. I look at the pic and Grandpa K is there... and I miss him too.

James is at the farm working on the combine... hopefully he can figure what he needs to do to fix it.

I am knitting on a poncho, wondering about the point of it.

Think I need to lay down.....

Yeah ok, now after a few I have my head back on straight... Feels much better there... :P

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Tori said...

awww, sorry for the folk you're missing!