Monday, July 23, 2007

HOtter than Hell!!!

Hey all,
James and I have switched to nights. OI. Except tonight which is, last we checked at 11pm still 39 degrees Celsius with the humidex... OI. Too hot!!! When the Humidex is up to 36 to 44 plus degrees Celsius, we don't want to play. The steel in the daytime adds to the heat too. Mind you I bet it's still a bit warm from the heat of the sun beaming down on it all day today too. It's a hard transition. We worked last night from 8pm to 11am this morning.... LOL had a farmer pull in to the bin yard and ask about bins... fine, then asks with the heat if we were going to work in the afternoon... I told him no way!!! LOL James thought I should have told him I been their since 8pm the night before so not bloody likely to stay up much longer!!! *giggles* Man, sometimes I wanna ask them if they wanna work around that steel when its 44 degrees... then add the reflection of the steel to that... much hotter!!! Crazy guys don't think about that though... but then again.. could be like the comedian who does the "here's your sign" I tell ya sometimes we could hand out a lot of signs... LOL like when you get a guy pull in the yard and ask, "you building these bins?" just wanna say, "Nope just walking around with a pouch full of bolts for the exercise...." LOL *sighs* I guess it's all part of the service industry. I try to answer their questions as best I can, but that's the customer service side of me I suppose.... Hubby sometimes gets very frustrated. Today when he was baking in the cone he said I should have told the guy to go to the Co-Op and ask there as I had a guy cooking on the inside of that bin. I figured I could put in bolts and answer questions at the same time... guess it must have slowed me some. *shrugs* I didn't think I slowed. So last night we built 2 bins complete. We started with 2 roofs and then put the sidewalls on 2 bins. We wanted to finish the 3rd bin too but it got hot early. And it's still hot now... oi..

As far as crafting. I have a "Christmas project" on the needles right now. I hope to finish the first half soon then can cast on the second part and stitch it together. I then think I might do some small baby things... I also have some socks to get done... hmmm maybe should do sockies first? shall see.

Well talk to you later,

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