Friday, July 20, 2007


Yes, I'm crazy. Very crazy. I am wondering what on earth I will make with all this wool!!! Briggs and Little was having an anniversary sale!!! I could get 1 skein for every 2 I purchased at regular cost. Now, I purchased a lot! You have seen the pictures!!! LOL So, I hummed and hawed and couldn't decide how much of this awesome blue twist I wanted. So, Hubby decided for me. I could get 110 skeins of the anniversary special color, and so that is what he ordered!!! That is 55 pairs of socks.... er maybe I can find something else to make too!!! I have been dreaming about it since we picked it up at that post office today. Yes today. We made an impromptu trip home. Lightning storm in Outlook this morning. Figured just as well to make the trip home, grab the mail, do some stuff around, go see what the Plow wind and hail did at the farm. So, that's what we did! Got my wool!!! Whooo hoooo! Went to see how the landscape changed at the farm. Looks different when you take down a couple trees and ooh 3 bins! All is well so far though. Nobody hurt, just 3 bins that will probably be written off and an auger out of the picture. Came close to taking out the tractor! But, it didn't, thanks to the auger!! go figure.

*sighs* Back to work in the morning... will keep you posted. In this heat we have 7 done, one ready to mount and 22ish to go... oi! Hopefully this weather smartens up!!!!

I also want to say THANK YOU! to all who wished me an hubby a Happy Anniversary on the 16th! We had a good, hot day! LOL (built one bin, melted in the heat so hid in the air conditioning)

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Dandy said...

yup... you sure could make a whole lotta socks!!!

So you were in Outlook... I have a aunt and uncle there... Uncle Dave is an investor there... and Auntie Florence is a wife and mom... they're pretty cool... I love getting together with them!

If you want I can give you some of the chicks from my hens... the ones in the pic are always a purply color... I have some greens ones too. let me know