Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sockin' It

These are the socks I made for Uncle Marty. He hasn't got them yet so- SHHHHHH! I like them. They turned out nice. Nice long leg and should fit him nice.
This is a sock I started for me. It is a little shorter in the leg. It is very red! I mean really red! I mean I like it, it's fun. It's the red I used for Dad's heel and toe. I did buy the red for me though!! Just for fun.
So, we are home for a quick stop again. Been weeding the garden.... oh my!!! you should see the weeds! I am not showing you the weeds though... I will wait and take pictures when we are done weeding. My onions are going to be big and beautiful! The potatoes are coming along too... the carrots have beautiful tops as well as the beets and turnips. So the garden looks good... will look better without all the weeds.

I am off and running and will catch you all later!

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